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In pictures: and if your marriage was inspired by Game of Thrones

And at least there, unlike the Red Wedding, everyone will come out alive and with memories full of head.

One can be a fan of Game of Thrones, about to say yes and, nevertheless, not want a kitsch wedding with big skins of animals and the hardware in the way of silverware. If this is your case, and you can afford it, the American wedding planner Abby Matthews of Something Perfect agency had fun imagining the perfect wedding for the fans of the medieval saga.

If the man in the photo has inherited a classic outfit (with, however, the brooch of the King's Hand), the real heroines of this photo shoot (realized by Katherine Elena) are the bride and her maid Of honor. For both, Abby Matthews was inspired by her favorite characters, Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark, as she explains on her blog where you will find all the photos.(There are a lot of cheap plus size wedding dresses)

Planted on the heights of the Smithmore Castle, the staging of this false thematic marriage has omitted no detail. The dresses were made to measure by a local sewing workshop and the cake, beautiful with its dragon scales, evidently recalls the universe of the series without falling into the cliché nerdy.

Nail of the show, the Sansa of the day could even pose with a real wolf. If you can not take the first flight for the United States and get the services of Abby Matthews, you will always be inspired by these beautiful shots to recreate the feast of Game of Thrones on your wedding day. We do not wish you purple.

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Radiant Collection 2017 Wedding Dresses

Radiant presents the new collection of wedding dresses in 2017, a rich female new line made this year not only in the white milk that women worldwide prefer for their wedding day. The proposal for 2017 includes clothes from the classic allure bride as those with wide skirt, but also more chic innovations like the mermaid and short Wedding dresses: we give them a look in detail.


Very rich as every year the line of wedding gowns in lace Radiant has always been the most successful models. The new collection offers us clothes princely bride with wide skirt made of organza, silk and lace creations shaped heart bodice or straighter bustier, versions yoke tulle and lace that wraps around only part of the neckline or flowing to full length sleeves. As you can see by browsing our photo gallery of the images, the brand is also believed to be more structured clothes bride with a train and embroidered skirt completely covered in ruffles of fabric, one of the fastest growing trends in the industry.


The clothes slipped bridal line honors column forms, Empire, but especially mermaid. The mermaid wedding dresses have to be based in silk and organza bustier creations with hard or softer whose tail top around the knees or lower.

The models have a more modern style tail made up of several layers of fabric, designs by floral embroidery flowing along the profiles or on the entire surface. Forms also slipped the wedding empire-line dresses in draped versions designed with bare back, while for short Wedding dresses Radiant rewards floral lace items with flared skirt or dress.


But as I looked forward to, its milky white and ivory models Radiant alongside this year novelties more details like colored ones. The 2017 collection of Radiant wedding dresses has among its colorful clothes protagonists with wide skirt with a white base adorned with embroidered lace pastel along the surface, models with blue applications, red, pink and beyond, dedicated to women who love style more decisive. Browse images of the collection in 2017 Radiant in our photo gallery, which is the perfect model for you?



Margot Robbie sublime in wedding dress on the stolen photos of the ceremony, to discover!

Photos of Margot Robbie's wedding flee and reveal the secret ceremony! Discover, the ceremony but especially Margot Robbie in wedding dress!
Margot Robbie's wedding with Tom Ackerley surprised everyone this weekend. However, his marriage is no longer so secret in view of the new photos unveiled. Indeed, photos of the ceremony have leaked, clichés on which we can see Margot Robbie in her wedding dress ready to become Mrs. Ackerley. The marriage of Margot Robbie to Byron Bay in her native Australia took place in private with a few close friends and not too many fantasies. On the new wedding photos, Margot Robbie is shining in a long, white, virginal white dress with open shoulders and curved at the waist. Light make-up and discreet jewelry, Margot Robbie embodies pure simplicity and love! The photos of her wedding are to be discovered HERE, HERE and HERE.

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How to choose the wedding dress

How to choose the wedding dress according to the physical, a style or location? Here are our tips to avoid mistakes in choosing the look that will mark the happiest day of our lives

Understand how to choose the wedding dress is critical to a woman, it is in fact one of the most important decisions of our lives but to err is easier than you think. How to choose the wedding dress according to your body, the style of the wedding, the venue that will host the ceremony and the reception, or the time of year? Here is a little guide to keep on hand.

How to choose the wedding dress according to the physical

Choose from the right wedding dress according to your body is very important. From the mermaid wedding dresses with their snug they are the most suitable for physical Hourglass, perfect for enhancing the curves, while wedding dresses Column are also fine for wider silhouette sides. The wedding dresses with full skirts trapeze, flared or bell-shaped are the ideal choice for all types of forms, from physical to lean curvy, but women with a physical pear recommend the wedding dresses empire style, sophisticated, classic and perfect to minimize any imperfection. Short women can focus on bridal gowns from the midi skirt just below the knee, but combining them with high-heeled shoes, the higher will also wear bridal look with pants, suits from the jumpsuit with flared trousers in silk.
How to choose the wedding dress according to the style

Once you understand what is the perfect fit for our wedding dress, the next step is to choose the style. The dresses bridal luxury most chosen by the stars are as defined princely creations perfect for those who love a classic style with voluminous tulle skirts, organza, lace, but also in minimal chic allure versions in silk Mikado. For those who prefer a more modern style suggest the wedding tattoo lace dresses with transparencies and cuts designed to art, while the lovers of a retro taste will focus on wedding dresses inspiration 70s with shoulders and bare back. Who loves the forms 50s are dedicated midi dresses with a full skirt, also in shades of pink bon ton.
How to choose the wedding dress according to the wedding location

If the location in which there will be a celebration and the wedding reception is very stylish, better to prefer a wedding dress that reflects the style. Collections such as Armani wedding dresses offer us entirely covered jewelry creations of valuable applications, models perfect for the most elegant reception rooms, for the wedding in a castle or in a fancy restaurant.
Whether your preference goes to rustic location such as cellars or farms, then you can bet on as minimal wedding dresses, on slips and forms to simpler column.
Wedding dresses for civil ceremony: how to choose the right model?

How to choose the wedding dress for a civil marriage? Much depends on the place of celebration and the style of the ceremony. The wedding Shared reward less formal look, so you can focus on a short and elegant wedding dress like a sheath dress, but also on a suit like those that mark the collection of wedding dresses Chanel, or on a jumpsuit, silk suits the increasingly popular trend in bridal collections. If your wedding will be celebrated only in the City, then you have the green light to wear a wedding dress right and proper, long a model to be chosen according to the rules that we have suggested so far.
Outdoor wedding, what wedding dress to wear?

More and more brides choose in recent years to celebrate their wedding outdoors, in a park decorated for the occasion, or by the sea. How to choose the perfect wedding dress in this case? Several specialized in bridal fashion house industry think their models for these occasions. For the wedding at the beach an ideal choice lies with the boho-chic wedding dresses from slipping forms with medium and short-trawling, often with humeral neck leaving the shoulders in plain sight, with bare back, with themed fringes and applications. For the celebrations there are no fixed rules in parks and gardens, choose an outfit that will fit the overall style of the wedding and location.


Wedding dresses Dior, the French fashion house's creations

The fashion house Dior has presented at the fashion shows of haute couture dresses very sophisticated bride, classic models or more originals from increasingly sophisticated style.

The clothes from Dior bride does not stop to dream the stars and women worldwide. La maison annually presents its most fashion models during fashion shows dedicated to the collections of Haute Couture creations that have evolved in tandem with the style of the creative directors of the brand, from the quirky touches of John Galliano to those Raf minimal chic Simons and beyond. Let's review together the clothes from Dior's most beautiful bride ever.

Dior, the wedding dresses classic cut

After seeing pictures of the more chic Chanel wedding dresses, we discover that Dior has reserved some very interesting surprises in recent years. One of the most expensive models was that the brand has tailor-made for the Chinese actress Angelababy, a creation that has cost $ 43 million, for which it took 5 months of work. The wedding dresses vintage Dior most famous are those related to the '50s,' 60s and '70s, enchanting creation worn by actress Olive De Havilland for the film "The ambassador's daughter", to those who marched in fashion show of the era.

The clothes from Dior wedding more details

 As you can see by browsing the pictures of our photo galleries, clothes from Dior bridal most particular, those from the eccentric and quirky style, are born by the inspiration of John Galliano: the former creative director of the fashion house has brought on the catwalk wedding dresses with skirts trapeze embellished with fabric overlays, models with frills and ruffles alternating along the surface, with structured bodices, with cuts and applications often fanciful.

Depending on the inspiration of the reference collection, wedding dresses were made of princely forms, with jewel applications or with floral embroidery, with asymmetrical skirts or glides, often in combination with boleros and jackets in equally original silk.

The minimal wedding dresses from Dior

In the latest collections of the brand appeared rather more classic clothes from minimal chic bride, but always innovative than traditional canons of bridal fashion. Among the wedding dresses Haute Couture 2017 most beautiful stand out the innovations in tulle and organza French fashion house, models from the forms and the slide draped surface. A few years before were the forms with full skirt those that were revised in a minimalist key, with long sleeves and no necklines, decorated with colorful flowers contrasting inserts along the surface.
What is the Dior wedding dress that you dream to wear?

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13 things that other countries do about marriage

If love is a universal feeling, from one country to another, practical cultural norms make marriage a sacredly exceptional event.

Wedding. This is a subject that has already given rise to much ink. At what age can we get married? How to be happy in marriage? What is the secret of a couple's longevity? Between scientific studies and traditions, the MSN website has made all these issues to present a list of 48 amazing facts about marriage. In turn, Loop Haiti has realized that it is much more interesting to extract for yourself 13 amazing things that other countries do about marriage. Ridiculous? Impossible ? Useful ? Up to you.

1. Hawaiian tradition requires couples to wear necklaces of flowers symbolizing the physical manifestation of their love. The intermingled stems reflect the union of the two families.
2. In Germany, it is a tradition that newlyweds demonstrate their compatibility by sawing a log together.
3. In Japan, the San-san-kudo tradition requires the bride, groom and parents to take a sip in three different cups to strengthen the relationship between the young spouses.

4. In Korea, married men carve wooden ducks and offer them to the bride and groom as a blessing.
5. In Cuban weddings, anyone dancing with the bride must hang money on her dress.
6. In Denmark, there is a tradition that guests will kiss the groom or the bride if the other leaves her side. The kisses continue until the other comes back.
7. In some parts of Malaysia, newlyweds can not go to the bathroom for three days and three nights after their marriage, under penalty of bad luck.
8. In the Anglo-Saxon countries, the bride must have on her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. And even a penny in his shoe!

 9. In China, brides must train to cry one hour a day the month before the ceremony. Other women in their families join with them to cry during the wedding.
10. In several parts of India, the bridesmaids steal the groom's shoes on the wedding day. Young people then negotiate money for shoes.
11. In Ancient Rome, one embraced oneself in order to legally conclude an agreement or a contract. That's why we embrace each other at the end of a wedding.
12. In South Korea, marital infidelity could lead to imprisonment (until recently).
13. In France, a law stipulates that it is possible to marry a dead man if there is evidence that he intended to marry his partner.

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Whether you get married next week or you're still single, you never say no to a good movie about marriage. It contains essential information on the organization of her bachelor party and on the course of the wedding ceremony.

We also learn the mistakes to avoid for a successful marriage. But above all, we let ourselves be carried away by these romantic and funny stories. Four weddings and a funeral, My best friends, 27 dresses ... We selected the 30 best films on the wedding.

This article can help you get to know

The organization of a wedding can be stressful: sending announcements, alterations of the dress, change of the plan of table at the last minute, invading mother-in-law ...
So we take time for ourselves and have a well-deserved break.

And what better than a film about the wedding to relax and daydream?

We look at him alone, with friends, or with his darling.Funny movies about marriage
There are always some unexpected and funny things happening during a wedding:

- our aunt has a little too much drunk of champagne and starts a dance endiablée
- the speech of the witness tells us too much about the personal life of the bride and groom
- the cousin a little relou does not let go of a sole our best friend

Fortunately, we are still far from the incredible vicissitudes lived by the band of revelers of Very Bad Trip.

At first we laugh well, but we start a little to worry about thinking about the bachelor party life of our future husband ...

We also love to see for the umpteenth time Four weddings and a funeral.

Unlike Hugh Grant, we're way too excited to approach our best friend's wedding to wake up late on D-Day!

Looking at my father-in-law and myself, we think that our boyfriend is really lucky to have our father as stepfather.

Movies on the wedding to watch with her best friend

Who better than her best friend to watch a movie about marriage? One settles comfortably with a duvet, candy and tasty.

To make a good laugh, one chooses without hesitation My best friends. One can not help but laugh at the famous scene of the fitting of the wedding dress.

We also imagine ourselves side by side on our wedding day singing our favorite song at the top of our lungs.

Bachelors, one hopes not to become the eternal bridesmaid, like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses.

But we reassure ourselves with Mariage a la Grecque, saying that nothing is ever lost!

Who says film about marriage, says beautiful boys!
One imagines then very well in the arms of Patrick Dempsey in The witness in love or in those of Matthew McConaughey in Haunted by his ex.

And of course, we dream of a perfect marriage as in Mamma Mia.

The Original Movies on Marriage

But marriage is not merely a succession of good moments or declarations of inflamed love.

It is also a long adventure with two that begins. It is then necessary to take care of her couple and to overcome the trials together.

This is what Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio learn in the Hollywood drama The Rebellious Wedding.

Fortunately, we are sure that our marriage will always be more joyful than that of Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia.

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