How to choose the wedding dress

How to choose the wedding dress according to the physical, a style or location? Here are our tips to avoid mistakes in choosing the look that will mark the happiest day of our lives

Understand how to choose the wedding dress is critical to a woman, it is in fact one of the most important decisions of our lives but to err is easier than you think. How to choose the wedding dress according to your body, the style of the wedding, the venue that will host the ceremony and the reception, or the time of year? Here is a little guide to keep on hand.

How to choose the wedding dress according to the physical

Choose from the right wedding dress according to your body is very important. From the mermaid wedding dresses with their snug they are the most suitable for physical Hourglass, perfect for enhancing the curves, while wedding dresses Column are also fine for wider silhouette sides. The wedding dresses with full skirts trapeze, flared or bell-shaped are the ideal choice for all types of forms, from physical to lean curvy, but women with a physical pear recommend the wedding dresses empire style, sophisticated, classic and perfect to minimize any imperfection. Short women can focus on bridal gowns from the midi skirt just below the knee, but combining them with high-heeled shoes, the higher will also wear bridal look with pants, suits from the jumpsuit with flared trousers in silk.
How to choose the wedding dress according to the style

Once you understand what is the perfect fit for our wedding dress, the next step is to choose the style. The dresses bridal luxury most chosen by the stars are as defined princely creations perfect for those who love a classic style with voluminous tulle skirts, organza, lace, but also in minimal chic allure versions in silk Mikado. For those who prefer a more modern style suggest the wedding tattoo lace dresses with transparencies and cuts designed to art, while the lovers of a retro taste will focus on wedding dresses inspiration 70s with shoulders and bare back. Who loves the forms 50s are dedicated midi dresses with a full skirt, also in shades of pink bon ton.
How to choose the wedding dress according to the wedding location

If the location in which there will be a celebration and the wedding reception is very stylish, better to prefer a wedding dress that reflects the style. Collections such as Armani wedding dresses offer us entirely covered jewelry creations of valuable applications, models perfect for the most elegant reception rooms, for the wedding in a castle or in a fancy restaurant.
Whether your preference goes to rustic location such as cellars or farms, then you can bet on as minimal wedding dresses, on slips and forms to simpler column.
Wedding dresses for civil ceremony: how to choose the right model?

How to choose the wedding dress for a civil marriage? Much depends on the place of celebration and the style of the ceremony. The wedding Shared reward less formal look, so you can focus on a short and elegant wedding dress like a sheath dress, but also on a suit like those that mark the collection of wedding dresses Chanel, or on a jumpsuit, silk suits the increasingly popular trend in bridal collections. If your wedding will be celebrated only in the City, then you have the green light to wear a wedding dress right and proper, long a model to be chosen according to the rules that we have suggested so far.
Outdoor wedding, what wedding dress to wear?

More and more brides choose in recent years to celebrate their wedding outdoors, in a park decorated for the occasion, or by the sea. How to choose the perfect wedding dress in this case? Several specialized in bridal fashion house industry think their models for these occasions. For the wedding at the beach an ideal choice lies with the boho-chic wedding dresses from slipping forms with medium and short-trawling, often with humeral neck leaving the shoulders in plain sight, with bare back, with themed fringes and applications. For the celebrations there are no fixed rules in parks and gardens, choose an outfit that will fit the overall style of the wedding and location.


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