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13 things that other countries do about marriage

If love is a universal feeling, from one country to another, practical cultural norms make marriage a sacredly exceptional event.

Wedding. This is a subject that has already given rise to much ink. At what age can we get married? How to be happy in marriage? What is the secret of a couple's longevity? Between scientific studies and traditions, the MSN website has made all these issues to present a list of 48 amazing facts about marriage. In turn, Loop Haiti has realized that it is much more interesting to extract for yourself 13 amazing things that other countries do about marriage. Ridiculous? Impossible ? Useful ? Up to you.

1. Hawaiian tradition requires couples to wear necklaces of flowers symbolizing the physical manifestation of their love. The intermingled stems reflect the union of the two families.
2. In Germany, it is a tradition that newlyweds demonstrate their compatibility by sawing a log together.
3. In Japan, the San-san-kudo tradition requires the bride, groom and …