13 things that other countries do about marriage

If love is a universal feeling, from one country to another, practical cultural norms make marriage a sacredly exceptional event.

Wedding. This is a subject that has already given rise to much ink. At what age can we get married? How to be happy in marriage? What is the secret of a couple's longevity? Between scientific studies and traditions, the MSN website has made all these issues to present a list of 48 amazing facts about marriage. In turn, Loop Haiti has realized that it is much more interesting to extract for yourself 13 amazing things that other countries do about marriage. Ridiculous? Impossible ? Useful ? Up to you.

1. Hawaiian tradition requires couples to wear necklaces of flowers symbolizing the physical manifestation of their love. The intermingled stems reflect the union of the two families.
2. In Germany, it is a tradition that newlyweds demonstrate their compatibility by sawing a log together.
3. In Japan, the San-san-kudo tradition requires the bride, groom and parents to take a sip in three different cups to strengthen the relationship between the young spouses.

4. In Korea, married men carve wooden ducks and offer them to the bride and groom as a blessing.
5. In Cuban weddings, anyone dancing with the bride must hang money on her dress.
6. In Denmark, there is a tradition that guests will kiss the groom or the bride if the other leaves her side. The kisses continue until the other comes back.
7. In some parts of Malaysia, newlyweds can not go to the bathroom for three days and three nights after their marriage, under penalty of bad luck.
8. In the Anglo-Saxon countries, the bride must have on her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. And even a penny in his shoe!

 9. In China, brides must train to cry one hour a day the month before the ceremony. Other women in their families join with them to cry during the wedding.
10. In several parts of India, the bridesmaids steal the groom's shoes on the wedding day. Young people then negotiate money for shoes.
11. In Ancient Rome, one embraced oneself in order to legally conclude an agreement or a contract. That's why we embrace each other at the end of a wedding.
12. In South Korea, marital infidelity could lead to imprisonment (until recently).
13. In France, a law stipulates that it is possible to marry a dead man if there is evidence that he intended to marry his partner.

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