In pictures: and if your marriage was inspired by Game of Thrones

And at least there, unlike the Red Wedding, everyone will come out alive and with memories full of head.

One can be a fan of Game of Thrones, about to say yes and, nevertheless, not want a kitsch wedding with big skins of animals and the hardware in the way of silverware. If this is your case, and you can afford it, the American wedding planner Abby Matthews of Something Perfect agency had fun imagining the perfect wedding for the fans of the medieval saga.

If the man in the photo has inherited a classic outfit (with, however, the brooch of the King's Hand), the real heroines of this photo shoot (realized by Katherine Elena) are the bride and her maid Of honor. For both, Abby Matthews was inspired by her favorite characters, Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark, as she explains on her blog where you will find all the photos.(There are a lot of cheap plus size wedding dresses)

Planted on the heights of the Smithmore Castle, the staging of this false thematic marriage has omitted no detail. The dresses were made to measure by a local sewing workshop and the cake, beautiful with its dragon scales, evidently recalls the universe of the series without falling into the cliché nerdy.

Nail of the show, the Sansa of the day could even pose with a real wolf. If you can not take the first flight for the United States and get the services of Abby Matthews, you will always be inspired by these beautiful shots to recreate the feast of Game of Thrones on your wedding day. We do not wish you purple.

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