Whether you get married next week or you're still single, you never say no to a good movie about marriage. It contains essential information on the organization of her bachelor party and on the course of the wedding ceremony.

We also learn the mistakes to avoid for a successful marriage. But above all, we let ourselves be carried away by these romantic and funny stories. Four weddings and a funeral, My best friends, 27 dresses ... We selected the 30 best films on the wedding.

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The organization of a wedding can be stressful: sending announcements, alterations of the dress, change of the plan of table at the last minute, invading mother-in-law ...
So we take time for ourselves and have a well-deserved break.

And what better than a film about the wedding to relax and daydream?

We look at him alone, with friends, or with his darling.Funny movies about marriage
There are always some unexpected and funny things happening during a wedding:

- our aunt has a little too much drunk of champagne and starts a dance endiablée
- the speech of the witness tells us too much about the personal life of the bride and groom
- the cousin a little relou does not let go of a sole our best friend

Fortunately, we are still far from the incredible vicissitudes lived by the band of revelers of Very Bad Trip.

At first we laugh well, but we start a little to worry about thinking about the bachelor party life of our future husband ...

We also love to see for the umpteenth time Four weddings and a funeral.

Unlike Hugh Grant, we're way too excited to approach our best friend's wedding to wake up late on D-Day!

Looking at my father-in-law and myself, we think that our boyfriend is really lucky to have our father as stepfather.

Movies on the wedding to watch with her best friend

Who better than her best friend to watch a movie about marriage? One settles comfortably with a duvet, candy and tasty.

To make a good laugh, one chooses without hesitation My best friends. One can not help but laugh at the famous scene of the fitting of the wedding dress.

We also imagine ourselves side by side on our wedding day singing our favorite song at the top of our lungs.

Bachelors, one hopes not to become the eternal bridesmaid, like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses.

But we reassure ourselves with Mariage a la Grecque, saying that nothing is ever lost!

Who says film about marriage, says beautiful boys!
One imagines then very well in the arms of Patrick Dempsey in The witness in love or in those of Matthew McConaughey in Haunted by his ex.

And of course, we dream of a perfect marriage as in Mamma Mia.

The Original Movies on Marriage

But marriage is not merely a succession of good moments or declarations of inflamed love.

It is also a long adventure with two that begins. It is then necessary to take care of her couple and to overcome the trials together.

This is what Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio learn in the Hollywood drama The Rebellious Wedding.

Fortunately, we are sure that our marriage will always be more joyful than that of Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia.

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