Wedding Vows: The Background Before Form

The wedding vows can be the most intense and moving moment of a marriage ... provided that these wishes are sincere!

Before you get interested in the form, focus on the bottom. What do you really want to tell your half?

If the words do not come to you spontaneously, ask yourself the right questions to define precisely what has seduced you to your future husband, why you admire him, how you envisage life with him, and so on.

Once you have found the content of your wedding vows, writing should be much simpler! Provided not to improvise at the last moment and to dry at the time of the marriage speech!

Stay Yourself in Your Wedding Greetings

To write wedding vows, no need to put pressure on you: your future husband loves you as you are, do not try to change!

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If you are rather romantic, do not try to make the assembly laugh through your wedding vows. Same if your character is rather light: wishes of marriage too pompous risk of ringing false.

Also avoid using ready-made phrases that may not match the situation. For example, if you had never considered getting married before meeting your future husband, do not start your wedding vows by "My granddaughter's dream finally comes true".

On the other hand, nothing prevents you to rely on a beautiful author quote!

Find a common thread for your wedding vows

In wedding vows, the important thing is not to explain why and how you fell in love with your man. If you have to be short, do not worry: your speech will be all the more impacting.

Think of following a common thread so that you do not get scattered (for example focus on your encounter, your future or your accomplishments), and follow a simple plan (catch, statement, promises).

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